Gully boy – a hard hitting movie which will make your heart roar ‘Apna time aayega!'(Chapter 5)

Continuation from Chapter 4

9. Be humane, celebrate friendship and value relations

‘Hard hai bhai, Phad dal’ (Your lyrics are hard-hitting, Rock the stage), MC Sher continuously pushed ahead Murad in spite of his own defeat. Be humble. Be humane. Always be ready to give a helping hand to someone in need. Don’t be jealous of someone’s else success. Rejoice in the celebration. Appreciate and clap for someone’s achievements. Give a big shoutout to your friends.‘Tumne har zarurat ke waqt mera saath diya hai, abhi main peeche kaise hat sakta hai?’ (You have always supported me in times of need, now how can I back up leaving you all alone?), Murad refused to leave his friend in distress. Friendship is a beautiful relation to be cherished forever. Never leave your friends at the time of any problem and hold her/his hands tightly with a firm grip in times of need.

9. Treasure true love

‘Mere paas tujhe dene ko kuch nahi hai…Tu jaisa hai bas waisa hi rah, Main sab sambhal lengi, Tujhe jo karna hai kar’ (I don’t have anything to give you in return…Just be the way you are, I’ll handle everything and do whatever you want to do), a dialogue exchange between Murad and Shafeena, which depicts the passionate and unconditional love between the two. Love someone truly with all your heart, letting the other person the way she/he is. Value yours as well as your partner’s ambitions. ‘Shafeena ke bina lagta hai jaise main bachpan ke bina jawaan ho gaya’, this is so heart-touching which narrates the true and pure love between the two.

Overall, it’s a complete PHAADU movie! Kudos to the entire team. So, go and give your eyes, ears, heart and the entire soul a treat and don’t forget to remind yourself, ‘Apna time aayega!’. From my side, a 100% go!

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