The Silk Scarf (Part 3)

Don’t miss the beginning. Please read Part 1  and Part 2 here.


6:10 PM Wednesday

Hi Rahul, I’ll be late today evening. I’ve to finish some work by today. But, I’m taking a leave tomorrow as I’ve to do the remaining arrangements for our birthday girl. So, please don’t wait for me. Have your dinner and feed our sweetie also and make her sleep early.’

‘Okay ma’am, as you say. Don’t worry about Priya or the arrangements. I’ll handle everything.’

‘Thank you honey. I was just thinking something. Let’s take out some time for ourselves post the birthday party. I just want to spend some “we” time.’

‘I don’t think that would be feasible dear.’

‘Why…what happened?’

‘Nothing…just finish your work early. But, don’t get too late. And most importantly, drive carefully dear. I know I’ve told this many times, but still I would want to repeat it. Don’t be in a hurry while driving.’

‘Okay bye, love you. I’m waiting eagerly for tomorrow as our princess would turn 5. It is indeed a milestone.’

‘Love you too. Take care. Bye.’

11:00 PM Wednesday

I was getting late enough for home. So many things were going on in my mind. It should be a grand event tomorrow and I want to make my princess feel special. I’ve to take some time out for Rahul also. I have to get enough rest by reaching home early. The traffic would also be horrible because of the heavy rainfall. With several thoughts running in my mind, I hurried to take out my car. I was driving at a high speed to reach home as early as possible. When I was about to take a right turn for the highway, suddenly a lorry came from behind. I applied the brakes but it didn’t work. Brakes were failed. I tried to jump out of the running car. But the scarf, the same silk scarf gifted by Rahul, which was wrapped around my neck, got stuck on the door, strangulated me and everything went blank. I lost my control and it went for a head on collision. I was in a pool of blood. Soon, a good number of mobs gathered at the spot and I was…I was…no…it can’t happen…but yes, I was declared dead on spot.

12:40 AM Thursday

Now, it made sense what the person was saying over the phone. His voice echoed in my ears. ‘Hello, Mr. Rahul, I got your number from your wife’s mobile. I’m sorry to inform you that your wife is no more. She is dead.’

When there was no reply from the other side, the person raised his voice saying, ‘Hello, Mr. Rahul, are you there? Can you hear me? Hello…’

I was shaking terribly. Somehow, I regained myself and managed to stand on my feet. Slowly, I went to Priya’s room. She was in a deep sleep. Then, I crept into the bedroom and happened to overheard Rahul’s conversation over phone. ‘OUR PLAN IS SUCCESSFUL’, he just said to someone with a wicked smile on his face. Then, he cut the call and threw the photo which he was holding while talking. The photo fell near my legs. I picked it up and got the shock of my life. It was my photo with a red cross mark on it. Then, I looked at him. He got up from his place and passed right through me. I froze at that moment when realization dawned on me that I’m no more…

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  1. Lovely story Rashmi. I couldn’t stop myself reading all 3 parts continuously without takinh break. Full of suspense. Loved it.

    Liked by 1 person

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