The Silk Scarf (Part 2)

Don’t miss the beginning. Please read Part 1 here.


6:05 AM Wednesday

‘”Good morning sweetheart”, come on, get up now. Your coffee is ready’. I was surprised to see Rahul standing beside the bed holding the cup of coffee in one hand and a bouquet of flowers in another. He went on his knees, offered the bunch of flowers to me and whispered in my ears, ‘This is for the most wonderful woman of the world. You are looking pretty, more beautiful than the morning glory. Now grab your coffee and get freshen up.’ I had my share of coffee and then hurried to the kitchen. He held my hands from the back, stopping me there and asking me to leave the work.

He demanded, ’I’ll take care of the remaining household chores. And don’t worry about our daughter, Priya also. I’ll get her ready by time. You just relax and get some time for yourself.’

Amused by his behavior, I asked him for the sudden outburst of love and care. ‘Let me also make a habit to contribute in all this daily chores, as I only have to do everything from tomorrow onwards, he replied.


‘Nothing dear, you have been taking care of all the responsibilities since years. So, I just thought of lending you a helping hand.’

I was rather shocked but I was enjoying the drastic change in his behavior. I had breakfast made by Rahul and got ready for the office. Today, I wore the same silk scarf given by him on my first birthday. He dropped me at the gate and planted a kiss on my forehead. I took out my car and waved bye to him before leaving.

9:15 AM Wednesday

After reaching office, Seema; one of my colleagues approached me. She not only shares a cubicle next to me but a good emotional bonding too.

‘Hey, you are looking great today. Your scarf is beautiful. Anything special?’

I narrated the entire morning incident to her. She was listening intently. ‘If he wants to give it a try and start a new beginning, then I think you should also take him seriously. If he is taking a step ahead, then you also move forward a step. I understand the many issues you have in this relationship. But, perhaps this is the right time to make everything clear and start anew’, she retorted.

‘Hmm… yeah, you are right. I’ll.’

Soon we got busy with our respective works. I had a meeting from 5pm to 6pm. When I came back from the meeting, I saw a missed call from Rahul on my phone, which I forgot on my desk in a hurry. I called him immediately.

To be continued(Any guesses for the final part!)…

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