Book Review of ‘Parenting and A Slice of Everything’ by ‘Anupriya Gupta’

Are you a new generation parent? Do you find yourself entangled between the never ending responsibilities and find difficult to handle the kids? Then, this book must be in your bucket list.

Book Name : Parenting and A Slice of Everything

Author : Anupriya Gupta

Genre : Parenting

Book Blurb :
This book is not just about parenting, but far beyond it. It beautifully narrates about all the relationships that are involved in this journey. It has captured the emotions and feelings of the characters in the various incidents and phases of life in an appealing manner.
It touches the lives of a worried single mother to a mother who lost her kids to a mother juggling between her 2kids and more enticing stories. If you want to know more about how the characters handle the different relationships and responsibilities to meet both the ends, then you are at the right place. Go ahead and give it a read. I bet you can relate to some or the other part of it.

About the author :
Anupriya, a great story teller, will definitely take you for a ride. She is quite practical in her narration of the experiences of her own life and the thoughts as a mother, a daughter, a woman and foremost a human being, all churned together.

Writing Style of author :
Anupriya has a candid and descriptive style of writing. She brings forth the day-to-day parenting facts to the table in an easy to grasp and expressive manner, which would make her readers relate to their own life.

Learnings :
Never waste your time and energy trying to be a ‘Perfect Mom’. Give your child enough time to learn and grow. Never compare. Don’t enforce, just facilitate. Don’t be in a hurry. Everything falls in place with time. Remember the life lessons given by your elders, accept the realities of life, share love, be grateful, appreciate the relationships you have and keep moving forward in life.

Memorable Quotes /sentences from the book :
Some heart touching lines :

‘You have an adorable daughter. She will give you enough memories to recall when you will be an old man like me. Do not fret over the mess that she seems to be creating. People who have had kids, completely empathize with you. And the younger lot will understand when the time comes for them to travel with their toddlers. It just doesn’t matter. Look at her and savor her valor.’

‘If this is what God has planned for us, we are nobody to question his will. And if he had planned to inflict pain in my life in this manner, I accept my fate and refuse to shed even a single tear. Our 15 year old sons will remain alive in my memory forever. You too must not fear anything. We have a life together. Let’s not pain our sons’ souls by crying over them. Their onward journey will only become more difficult.’

‘If you expect them to up their game and have an edge over the crowd, you need to be bold enough to let them spread their wings and fly.’

Pros :
It has a natural flow of unfolding the incidents of day to day life, well presented with facts. Even a common person can easily associate oneself with the stories and incidents mentioned in this book.

Feedback for the author :
Do come up with the next series soon. Waiting to read the new chapters on life, relationships and parenting ☺️.

Book link :
You can download this remarkable autobiography at
Lots of love to the wonderful author Anupriya ☺️. You can visit her blog at or can connect with her @Anupriya_Guptaa on Twitter.



  1. this book sounds interesting, esp as m a new mom n to a toddler as well. i did see this book during a2z but then forgot. thanks for reminding too. #liveityoungreads

    Liked by 1 person

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