Book Review of ‘Destiny’s Favourite Child’ by Roma Gupta Sinha

Here I’m again, reviewing a special book. Yes, it is. Go and give it a read. You will come to know by yourself☺️. The author herself provides a clarity why one should give it a read.

Book Name : Destiny’s Favourite Child

Author : Roma Gupta Sinha

Genre : Autobiography

Book Blurb : This book is an autobiography of Roma Gupta Sinha. A very touching and inspirational story of the author’s life. Roma takes you for a roller-coaster ride, narrating the different phases of her life beautifully. She has accepted all the life challenges gracefully, always with a curve on her face, that sets everything straight. She is an extrovert, yet has deep secrets buried in her heart. She loves to love and help others in all possible ways she can. She will make you fall in love again by her adorable and cute love story. She will make you cry by sharing the games that destiny played with her. She believes that she is born for a purpose and has to bring a lot of positive changes in the society. This book is all about her struggles, her achievements, her love life, her unshakable faith, her gratitude towards her people, and last, but not the least, her true, selfless love for her mother whom she misses a lot beyond words. She talks about her strengths and weaknesses boldly. She has captured her journey till now in this little book amazingly. She has shared some simple yet great principles on which her life is based on. As soon as I grabbed this book, I felt a strange yet close connection with her. To know in details the author’s roller-coaster journey, go and grab the book. As a common person, you would definitely be able to connect with her at some or the other stage in this book.

About the author :
Though sometimes Roma is moody, paranoid extremist, sensitive, opinionated and mysterious yet she is a chirpy, straight-forward girl, a confident woman, a fighter, a hard worker, a firm believer of God, a traveller at heart, who never forgets to wear her hypnotic smile.

Writing Style of author :
Roma has an eloquent style of writing. She articulates her feelings straightforwardly and has a capability to connect with her readers instantly.

Learnings :
Be always happy, love yourself and share it with others. Spread the free and lovely smile wherever you go and make it viral. Forgive others. Make memories and live life with zest as you are blessed with only one life.

Quotes /sentences from the book :
I can’t pen down all here as the entire book is such a lovely read. But, yes I loved most the poems in which the author has poured her heart out. And I would like to mention chapter 22 ‘My Mom, The kindest soul on Earth’, which explains the purest form of bonding between a daughter and a Mom. It would make your heart cry. Some heart touching lines :
‘When I am engulfed in darkness, with all reasons defeated
You know mom, my tender wings regain the power to rise from the ashes..
You live in me, dear mom
And I cherish being your silhouette for infinite years to come’

Pros :
It’s a lovely combination of prose and poetry. It holds the reader’s attention till the end as it teaches you many worthy life lessons by means of a real life story. It makes you aware of the facts that no one life’s is a bed of roses, guides you how to accept the thorns of life and still bloom with a broad smile. It inspires you to live the life to its fullest without being judged and without judging anyone.

Feedback for the author :
Do come up with the next book of yours soon. Waiting to read the next chapters of your life☺️.

Book link :
You can download this remarkable autobiography here

Lots of love to the gorgeous author Roma ☺️. You can read her blogs at



  1. Loved your style of reviewing Rashmi. It’s elaborate and still interesting enough for the reader. Have always loved your writing style. Haven’t read romas book but have heard a lot about it. Intend to read it in the near future.

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  2. You have reviewed the book so beautifully, Rashmi. I am looking forward to reading Roma’s books for sure, I find her energy contagious, she is so full of life and I am sure this book will be an inspiring read too. #vartikasdiaryreading #myfriendalexa

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have met Roma in the Blog-o-sphere but you have described her book so beautifully that I feel so many different aspects to her that I didn’t know. #lavreads

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love reading Roma’s write-ups and I am sure the book is a masterpiece too. You reviewed it quite well, without revealing much about the book. I would love to read this book soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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