Moments and Memories!

April! What an amazing month it was! #BlogchatterA2Z challenge! What a rip-roaring journey it was! Action-packed and audacious, but at the same time riveting and adventurous!

Now, May is here! April showers have finally brought May flowers. Can you smell the fresh fragrance of it! Yes I can, but still couldn’t believe that the rigorous month of blogging is over and I DID IT.


I came to know about this challenge randomly on twitter and gave it a thought. I was not at all prepared for this challenge. In fact, I never thought of writing at a stretch. Without any drafts, without any pre-planned thoughts, without proper connectivity of network, I jumped into the well of daily blogging. But, I’m more than glad to explore myself, to meet many amazing bloggers and to build up a good connection.

It was like an examination with Blogchatter as an invigilator. ‘Time is running out. You have to finish it off before the bell rings. You can’t do cheating. I’m watching you. Complete all 26 A2Z posts. Complete all secret activities’, @blogchatter reminded time and again. Or you can think of it like running a marathon also, with someone shouting behind you constantly, ‘Yes you can do it, don’t give up. You can’t leave the race in the middle. You are just about to reach the finishing line and we are here to welcome you with a bottle of glucose😉(a set of goodies)’. Whatever it is, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

My takeaways from #BlogchatterA2Z challenge :

  • Never doubt your capabilities. Face the fear face-to-face and shake hands with it.
  • Never stop exploring yourself. You never know what opportunity is waiting the other side of the door.
  • Go out, share and connect with others. There’s a lot to learn from the beautiful world out there.

A heartful thanks to my fellow bloggers and all the encouraging and motivating people out there, for their constant support and admiration. Special thanks to my DM group @mammaspeaks, @MasoomJethwa, @Ashwini_Menon, @Seema_Misra, @SoulVersified, @tamannabavishi, @mehas1,@tarequelaskar @thatssurbhi, @writenblog,
@roysashwata2, @missandi0623, @KathakaliM and to the amazing bloggers @doc2poet, @Awestruck_Aks, @Deepakarthik77 and @ravishmani and many others which I came across. Thanks for all the likes, shares, blog love and community love.

Last, but not the least, thanks a ton @blogchatter for providing this platform. I’m feeling honoured to be a part of such an incredible journey. I don’t know whether I’ve justified the challenge or not, but it definitely gave me an internal satisfaction and a sense of achievement.


With a better planning and full of hope, looking forward to the next season #BlogchatterA2Z 2019.



  1. Thanks a lot Rashmi for the mention. It was lovely meeting you here!! And I agree with you that you should face your fears. I am sure everyone of us first timers were little apprehensive of the challenge, but we took it and were victorious.

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  2. Taking up challenges in life is a good way to stretch ourselves and discover our hidden talent. Though it is always nice to be prepared and plan it well in advance but many times it is not the case. It all depends on how we grab the opportunity which initially appears to be a challenge. It’s a mind game and we need to quickly learn the art of navigate the mental blocks that test our mantle. Indeed there so many things to do and learn when we decide to plunge into such challenges and there is an ecosystem which lifts us when fall, pushes when we slow down and they are there to galvanize our energy for the longer haul. Yes Rashmi it doesn’t work out without the blogger friends and the blogging community and ecosystem in action.
    #MyFriendAlexa, #MakeupReads

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