X-out your X-cuses

X-out your X-cuses and find out the X-factor within you. Cut short others X-clamations! and take advice from the X-pert present within you to get the desired results.


Excuses, excuses and more excuses! Yes, we all are drowning in the sea of excuses. It is the most common behaviour observed among all of us. Even if we want to do something wholeheartedly, either to pursue a new career, to enrol for a new hobby class, to start a new venture, etc., we always back out making some or the other excuse. Why so? It’s the instilled fear of rejection, rejection by the people around us that gives way to excuses. First, learn to accept yourself. Then others acceptance records will automatically flood into your account.

All are blessed and born with a X-factor in them. Just take time to find and accept it. Because if you don’t pay attention to it now, then with time, your X-factor may be crushed under the pile of excuses. If we all let room for excuses, then how can the X-factor be crowned?

I know you are tired. You didn’t sleep the whole night. So what? People will only know and remember you by your success story, not by the hours of peaceful sleep you had! So, go and make one. But listen, it will not be made in one day. So, get up from your bed and run miles. Run, run and run till you reach your goals.

People will bombard you with exclamations as how, when, why, etc. They will try to pull you down the ladder of confidence and hang you in the rope of fear. With the support of X-factor on your back, cut down the rope of fear and jump into the world of success.

Leave your excuses at the doorstep. Wear your confidence and walk down boldly to the stage and showcase your X-factor to the entire world.




    1. Thanks dear for your kind words😊
      Yes, many a times I too felt like I couldn’t continue further, but again a push helped me to reach almost the end, which is indeed rewarding.

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  1. Agree with you Rashmi! Firstly, accept yourself. Half the battle is already won when you do that. Also, people will remember you for what you did, and not because you why you couldn’t do it.

    Liked by 1 person

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