War Cry

War cry is a phrase or word shouted by people to gather together participants in a campaign, to give each other courage, to fight for a common cause.


Here the common cause is to fight against discrimination, patriarchy, misogyny, violence and the list goes on. But, how can we fight if we are not united? How can we claim our rights, if we as women themselves espouse the social evils? Yes, it’s not always the men, there are women who portray women as the weaker sex. In fact, there are broadly 3 categories of women out there.

1. The first category of women are bold and brave enough to raise their voice against any social issues which is hampering their growth in any form. They are just not ready to accept any bias based on gender, never give up on their endeavours and are here to make a change, a real change. They are like a powerful and energetic sun that not only enlightens itself, but spread its sunshine to miles, glorifying the life of others also.

2. The second category of women are aware of the social issues, are a part of it, but are too shy and timid to stand for themselves. They undergo years of injustice with their mouths shut, but their hearts burning with rage and craving for freedom, a real freedom. They are waiting for some miracle to happen or for someone who would take them out from this swamp. They are like those distant stars who also want to shine their best, but looking out for some gravitational force to pull them out from the shackles of the rules bound society.

3. The third category of women have taken it granted the way the society is and they believe they have to abide by the man-made rules. They don’t want to give a second thought to their mere existence in this world and keep on doing what the society dictates them to. They simply don’t want a change. They are like lost planets. They are so lost that they forget they have a life of their own and have silently embedded the social norms in their brains and hence playing a dormant role in the patriarchal society.

I’m here to salute those women who fight deliberately for their rights, to encourage those who are still waiting for their saviours and to change the attitude of those who still think their life is at the mercy of others. If all the three join hands together and bellow a war cry, the roar would make the earth tremor and can you imagine the reaction of the opponents!



  1. Agree with you Rashmi, all three category of women need to join hands if they want to do away with all the wrongs that are meted out to them, be it dowry, eve teasing, rape or mental torture.

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