The Museum – A place of Exhibition!

‘A museum is basically a place to collect and exhibit objects and materials of cultural, religious and historical importance, preserve them, research into them and present them to the public for the purpose of education and enjoyment’, as per the basic guidelines. But this time I found something strange with this definition.

One of my friends shared some pics of a museum located within a temple, signifying the change in trends these days. Initially I thought it would be related to some interesting facts depicting the change that the modern technology has brought along with it. But I was shocked by the message(written on the image) being passed to the devotees. How girls have become more modern and fashionable, how they are misusing their liberty and following a path against the social norms.


The above message says that though they have big houses, their hearts are small. The daughters-in-law of this generation(the terminology used is ‘latest bahuein’) threatens their in-laws and keep them under their control. It clearly portrays that the girls of today’s generations don’t have any morals and respect for the elders. Isn’t the message clear or it just appears to me?

The society is a combination of all kinds of people. The characters of people differ from one another whether it’s a man or a woman. Some are good. Some are not. But, how can one generalise such a thing and exhibit at a museum, and that too within the premises of a temple. What do they want the devotees to learn from this? Be aware of today’s girls! Impart them education at your own risk! Be careful and alert while getting your son married. She may turn out to be a witch!

Standing up for one’s rights doesn’t make us less ‘Sanskari’  and doesn’t mean to demean someone else. And if you are talking about education, it adds more values to our lives and makes us more humble rather superior in any way. We are merely fighting for the equality, not superiority. Even then, it’s so miserable to see our image being sketched like that publicly.

Dear Society, please change your mentality. Why a girl has to be blamed for everything? Why she has to prove herself time and again? Stop playing the blame game. Stop humiliating women in any form and at any place. If not now, then when?

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  1. I have seen all kinds of mothers in law and daughters in law in my life. There have been mils who have done great injustice to their dils and there have been dils who have tortured their pils. Everybody is right in their own way, but I always feel there is no reason why one should be harsh and rude to the other person. Whether a daughter in law or mother in law, they should respect each other.

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  2. People like these have made a joke out of words like Sanskar, culture, and tradition. They don’t know the meaning of any of these. I’m afraid that beyond being plain regressive this is also a part of the rape culture. Unemployed men see women going to office leading an independent life and feel that these are witches taking away what’s theirs

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    1. Yes, it’s shameful to come across such nasty things in the name of sanskar and culture. We feel pity to be a part of such society but we are. We can’t change the mindset of some people, at least try not to fall victims of these.


  3. I came to this post because I love museums. But i was beyond schocked. Sad that ppl have time to spread negativity but wont do anything to spread love and tolerance. I hope this place was razed to the ground.

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    1. I vow the same feelings Nayantara. It’s really sad to know about the attitude of some people who cross all their limits and spread their internal harshness in public places like this.


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