Red Alert!

Maya complained to Rajeev of severe headache one day. He asked her to take some rest as it may be due to the hectic journey under the scorching sun, the day before. Maya agreed. After 2 days, she complained again. Rajeev asked her to apply some balm or oil and relax a bit. She did so. After few days she reiterated the same. Rajeev got frustrated and asked her why she is so much bothered for a mere headache.

Time passed by. Maya didn’t complain anything. Rajeev was least bothered to ask. Then suddenly, one day Rajeev got a call from the hospital. He hurried but along with time, Maya also passed away. She couldn’t survive as she was least aware of her tumours.


Note : Illiteracy, ignorance, poverty and superstition regretfully have taken a toll on women health. Mostly in rural India, people are ignorant about the health issues(specially of women). They are devoid of proper knowledge and education. Lack of monetary issues acts as a hindrance to avail the health benefits. Irrational beliefs in supernatural influences adds to the misery. Let’s ignore the ignorance and pay attention to the red alert.



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