Purpose of life

Life is a mystery for those who are in search of hidden treasure. Life is a puzzle for those who want to solve it. Life is an experiment for those who wants to explore it. Life is not about finding the answers to all the unsolved questions. Life is not about just breathing, inhaling O2 and exhaling CO2 and finally lying down on the death bed one day. It’s been rightly said that, ‘Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away’. So, create moments. Paint them vibgyor. Take a snapshot of it and preserve in the wardrobe of memories.

I know all of you are damn busy in your lives, doing chores. But let’s take a pause and say ‘Hi’ to life; the life which we have always dreamt of, the life which is knowingly or unknowingly, just passing off from our hands. Are we really fulfilling the purpose of life or simply ignoring and letting it go?


‘The purpose of life should be a life of purpose’, holds good for one and all. If you don’t have a purpose, then what are you doing till now? We all are here with a specific reason. The only difference is, some find it at an early stage, some take years. We all are here for a short period of time. So, let’s just live in the very moment. Don’t take it too hard on yourself. Take a deep breath. Held your head high and go for a face to face with the challenges of life. I know life is quite uncertain, but let’s embrace this uncertainty and prove our mettle in this battlefield.

We all are here to do something, to achieve something great in our own way. We all have that potential within us. The only thing is, we need to dig a bit more, dive deep within ourselves and confront the real we. If you are not giving it a chance, you are not letting the divine power hidden within you to unfold, which can do miracles.

Your purpose is not just to fulfil the purpose of others. Go out, find some meaning, add some value to your life. My purpose here is to regain full control on myself and my life, make it beautiful, yet meaningful. Yes, to reboot and reborn with a better version of me. What’s your purpose?



  1. That’s some philosophy Rashmi! Life is what we make it out to be. we are all born for a higher purpose, pity that all of us can’t find it. I am still trying to find the purpose of my life, the day I get it, I will give a shout out to you!

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  2. Beautiful post. You have summarized the purpose of life with so much clarity and ease. I can totally relate to it. It is never easy with all the negativity around you but yes my purpose is to focus on my own life and make the most of it. 🙂

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