I’m Perfectly Imperfect!

What does perfection mean to you? Is it a complete package of all in one; perfect beauty, perfect relationships, perfect parenting, perfect job, perfect pay and perfect everything? I’m sorry then. I’m not perfect, but so are you! First look at yourself in the mirror. Then, try to question my image. Judge me or judge me not on the scales of perfection, I would still be the same.


Never doubt yourself. Doubt arouses fear, and fear leads to nowhere. No one is perfect here. Then, how can you expect me to be? Perfection is the state of mind. Perfection is unrealistic. Everyone of us have some or the other flaws. It doesn’t mean you don’t have the capability to do what you want to do. It doesn’t questions your calibre. Don’t chase perfection. Embrace the flaws in you. Don’t be afraid of failures. Let others say what they want to. You take out the positive things from it and leave the negatives in their plates itself. Just believe yourself.

Accept your flaws boldly and fearlessly without any insecurity. Accept yourself unapologetically. Do mistakes and learn from it. Be the real you. Feel comfortable in your own skin. Stay strong and be happy because you are amazing in your own way. You are a beautiful disaster, dear. Yes, you are perfectly imperfect, my friend!



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