Hola! It’s a baby girl again

Congratulations and Celebrations! You are blessed with a baby girl again. An angel has decided to knock your door once more.

Knock, knock!

Hellooo Mamma! I’m finally here, out of your tummy, my sweet little world. Now, I’m ready to explore your beautiful world, which I’ve imagined about quite often. But, wait. This world of yours seems so different. Why so many pairs of anxious eyes on me? Am I not cute and adorable like other babies? Or don’t I belong to this place? Am I an alien? Am I not that worthy? Or am I born with some deformities? Why everyone seems to be so upset? I’m not able to understand Maa. I feel more cosy inside you. Here, there is no warmth, no love, no care and affection Maa. There is something wrong here. I’m scared. Please, don’t leave me alone. Don’t abandon me Maa.

Have you ever experienced or witnessed such a situation? Isn’t it common till date? This is prevalent not only in rural areas but in urban places also, not only among the uneducated mass, but among the educated ones also. It’s quite shameful.

Few facts to be known to everyone :

1. All are equal, whether it’s a boy or a girl. It’s just the Genetics, a game of chromosomes.

2. No one is born with a silver spoon in their mouth, it’s one’s actions that matters, not the gender.

3. Boys and girls both can support the family equally if given a chance.

If you are not able to make others understand these facts, just ignore them. But don’t ignore the new-born angel. Promise yourself that you won’t be a part of this rat race, where everyone demands for a boy child. Stand up and change this conditioning. Celebrate girl child with the same fervour because she deserves the same attention and unconditional love. Throw a party. Decorate the home. Fill it with gifts. Get back that beautiful curve on your face because it’s a baby girl again!




      1. Absolutely, in fact, whenever my hubby and I talked about having another child, we always felt we wanted another daughter. My hubby says, “If someone can promise us it would be a girl, then let’s have another child.” 🙂

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    1. Yes Nayantara, it is pathetic to see the discrimination still prevailing in our society. We need to take some stringent steps to put an end to it.


  1. I am blessed to have a baby girl, though I don’t differentiate between the genders. I have raised my nephews and nieces and always found the girls as the warmest ones. # nieces and one daughter, all are my angels.

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