Dear Life!

Hi, How are you doing? I know it’s been a while; I’m not in touch with you. We are supposed to walk hand in hand forever. But, I left you behind. Still, you traced my path and are adamant enough to keep following me. I thought I’ve lost you in the crowd. But, you were always there around, waiting for an approval. You must have been missing me, with a bit of anger and frustration popping in your heart. Though I neglected you, based on the people judgements, but I do miss you too.

Some say I’m not worthy of you. For some, it doesn’t matter. People will come and go. They will make several theories and try to impose on you. But dear life, I realised that you matter me a lot. You are valuable for me. You deserve the most important place. So, I request you to come back.

Come, examine me again. I know you are tough. But, I’m the toughest. I’m ready to face the challenges that you are going to throw at me. I’m no more a coward.

I promise you that I’ll never show my back to you. I promise that I’ll never leave you alone again, wandering in the streets of emptiness. I promise I’ll live along with you to the fullest. So, come back and give me one more chance. Let me embrace you once more. Let the music begin. Let me dance along with you once more. This time, let’s hold each other’s hands so tightly that no one can separate us from each other.

Waiting eagerly for your reply.




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