Blue is for boys, Pink is for Girls! It’s high time to change the notion!

Does any colour define the gender? If yes, which colour defines you? Which colour do you prefer? If you have any preference, lower it down. Because the world is moving towards equality.

Don’t you think since the day of birth of a kid, knowingly or unknowingly, we start creating small distinctions. If it’s a baby boy, all the gifts will be wrapped in blue. If it’s a baby girl, the entire room is decorated with pink. If it’s a boy, he will be full of cars. If it’s a girl, she would be surrounded with dolls. Boys would play with bat and ball. Girls would be busy with their kitchen sets. These are the small differences, but yet have a great impact on their delicate minds.

Have you ever observed this in your neighbourhood?

Have you ever done this to your kid?

Have you ever inculcated this bias in their sensitive, immature brains?

Stop it right there. Stop the distinction. Look at yourself what are you trying to do?

You are not doing harm only to your kid but to the entire upcoming generations.
Kids try to reciprocate us. Reiterate our behaviour. Follow our actions. They make up their minds as they observe us performing our so called duties. They start photocopying from a very tender age.

So, knowingly or unknowingly, we are responsible for this gender bias. We need to take action right now. Bring the change within you, so that you can reproduce the better version of you. Let’s play them together as kids, not as boys and girls. Let them share the household chores as siblings, not as boys and girls. Let them grow together.  Because it’s high time to change the notion!




  1. So glad you said this. It is hugh time we moved away from enforcing gender-based stereotypes. So many times, I’ve seen parents buy gifts that are girly – pink in colour or dolls, or frilly things – for girls, and gifts that are blue or manly for boys. Walk into any toy store, and the first question they ask is ‘Is it for a boy or a girl?’ I once really felt like telling a stranger not to pander to these, but instead I walked out of the shop only shaking my head for lack of courage. We really need to step up and stop this. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. It’s great to know that your thoughts resemble with the mentioned article. We just need the courage and cooperate each other in this progression.
      Thank you so much.

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  2. I did a similar post on my blog and agree that these biases are put into kids’ minds by us. I never used these ‘assigned’ colours for my kids. Now that they’re grown up they’re allowed to choose whatever they like.

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  3. Kudos to you for writing about such an important topic which most parents doesn’t give a thought. Kids can pick and wear whatever they love !! why the discrimination? Beautiful write up!!

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