April showers brings May flowers

Seasons are uncertain. Sometimes it is sunny, sometimes it rains. Sometimes scorching hot, sometimes freezing cold. So is life! Sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter. But still life goes on dancing on the rope of hope.

Have you had a season of failures, difficulties and misfortune? Are you dealing with the unexpected? Don’t panic. You are not alone in this journey. Always remember that all the unpleasant things will not only come to an end one day, but it will bring forth an abundance of joy and happiness. So, don’t wait for the showers to end. Instead dance with its rhythm. Be optimistic. Be patient. Keep doing your work. Don’t give up. Your positivity and self-belief will be rewarded one day. Your endurance will pay up one day. Your hard work will be recognised and honoured one day. It may be dark today, surrounded with black clouds. But, soon it’s going to bloom flowers in your life just like April showers brings May flowers.

So, embrace the problems, hug the challenges, and make it loud and clear that you are ready for the April Showers.




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