Noora – A Ray of Light

In the midst of loud music and endless chit-chat, I first met this girl named Noora, lost in her own dream world, her eyes searching for some genuine attention, her soul craving for some true love, but she has covered her face with a mask of contentment. She was trying to hide herself within layers of contentment.

She captured my attention since the time I entered the marriage hall. There was something special in that girl, something captivating, something very positive, which was unknown to the world. Later on, I learnt something about her which made me stood still.

Noora is really a special girl; a girl of dreams and desires. She was born blind, but I must say she has got one of the most beautiful pair of eyes. In the first place, I also got deceived by her big dark brown eyes, which directly pierce into your heart.


Though she can’t see the world, she never stopped exploring it. There was some magic in her eyes; a hidden treasure, that is waiting to be revealed. She never considered her disability as a hindrance to lead a normal life. But, it was difficult for the people around her to understand her, to value her emotions, and to treat her as a normal person.

Noora was born in a huge family. Her parents died in a car accident at an early age and she was brought up by her uncle and aunt. Today, it was one of her cousin’s marriages. Noora was dressed beautifully today, in a pink and orange salwar kameez. Though it seemed to be old fashioned, she was looking graceful.

Because of such a big family, she often got a chance to attend the weddings of many relatives. She is quite fascinated by these wedding ceremonies and rituals and always dreamt of herself in that red lehenga choli of the dulhan and getting married to someone who would love her, respect her and fulfill all her desires.

On her way to the stage, she crossed a group of her cousin’s friends who were giggling and cracking silly jokes. But they hushed each other as she approached them and ignored her. She also desired to be a part of their secret talks but no one is bothered about her feelings. With her mind overloaded with questions, she went near her aunt and asked the same bunch of questions for the third time, “Chachi, does everyone get married one day? When and with whom I’ll get married to? Will my wedding be grand as others?”

Her aunt cut her short and replied, “Marriages are meant for normal persons. People do have sympathy for you. But who will marry you? Who will hold your hands for their entire life time? Who will take up such a responsibility? You should accept this fact sooner or later that you are different from others”.

Noora answered with a firmness in her voice, ”Yes, you are right Chachi. I’m different from others. It doesn’t matter whether I fit into the ‘usual’ crowd or not, I love myself and I want to be me all the time. I don’t want to pretend like the ‘usual’. Just like other human beings, I also have queries, questions, confusions and apprehensions. I also want to experiment and explore by myself. I don’t want anyone’s sympathy and compassion. I don’t want to be judged by anyone. I want someone to listen to me with open heart and accept me with open arms”.

Her Aunt held her hands in hers and said, “Beta, my intention was not to hurt your feelings. I just don’t want people to mock at you about your wedding desires. As a blind wife, you would probably be totally dependent on your husband, and I worry if anyone will be happy to step into that role. So, I’m asking you to be within your boundaries and to get adjusted with the life. I just want you to be safe.”

Noora didn’t react to her Aunt’s words this time but the physically challenged girl challenged herself to make herself strongerand bolder so that people would be dependent on her in some or the other way.

When I came across this girl after a decade, she was still there in a marriage function. But this time she was the cynosure of the party, surrounded by hundreds of people. She was looking gorgeous in a royal blue lehenga and golden dupatta. All eyes were on her and her face was glowing with elation. Her eyes were sparkling with exuberance.

With time, she really did challenge herself, self-discovered herself, her interests and aspirations, and became the most renowned wedding planner of the city. Though she didn’t get married to anyone, everyone approaches her for their family wedding planning and management. She has earned a name and fame for herself by mere faith, courage, determination and showcasing her talent to the entire world.

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  1. Lovely tale. It is a question of determination and courage to face obstacles that take us places. Noora is an extraordinarily strong girl. Someone to look up to and admire. Enjoyed the story. #JaiSReads #MyFriendAlexa

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    1. Yes Akshata, that’s what one need to. We have to accept ourselves with all the flaws and move forward packed up with energy, enthusiasm and faith. That’s what life is.

      Liked by 1 person

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