I’m a GIRL, a WOMAN!

woman-570883_1920.jpgI’m beautiful, I’m wonderful
I’m brave, I’m courageous
I’m full of hope and confidence
Though I’ve those ugly scars, I look great
No matter my hair is messy; I look gorgeous
Even without tons of make-up, I look pretty
Even with all the flaws, I’m perfect
I’m a GIRL, a WOMAN!

I’m creative; full of passion and humour
I’m adventurous; eager to venture into the wild
I’m a hero; dare to accept the challenges
I’m a dreamer; I still believe in the fairy tales
I’m a free bird; ready to measure the dimensions of the sky
I’m a heavenly treasure; I can spell magic and create wonders
I’m a GIRL, a WOMAN!

Let’s change the social lens that we have put on for long
Let’s give ourselves a chance to showcase our talent
Let’s say ‘NO’ to discrimination and injustice
Let’s say ‘NO’ to patriarchy and gender inequality
Let’s say ‘NO’ to exploitation and social prejudices
Let’s become our own saviour

I don’t want anyone to suffer anywhere, any more
You stand by me, I’ll stand by you
You hold my hands, I’ll become soul sister for you
You just believe in our power, I’ll move the whole world for you
I’m a GIRL, a WOMAN!

It is utterly dark outside
But the rays of hope is still beaming inside
My faith is intact
My spirits are high
My bones are not fragile
My capability is not at stake
I’m an object of mystery; my imaginations run wild
I know my breed is rare and I’m little weird
But, I can still amaze people with my versatility
I’m a GIRL, a WOMAN!

I’m no more a piece of mercy
I carry the bright sun on my back
I’m full of vigour and energy
No more dilemma to face
My way ahead is crystal and clear
I’m a GIRL, a WOMAN!

There is no more violence on my plate
No more boundaries to limit my freedom
I just listen to my inner voice
No need of permission required
I learnt to say ‘NO’, now no need to fear
I no more pause and ponder, what people will say
I scream on the top of my voice and pour my heart out
I’m a GIRL, a WOMAN!

I’m no more shy and timid
I’m bold and clear
My heart is pure
And like others, I deserve love and respect
I’m the one who should be celebrated; not decorated
I’m the most beautiful creature of God
I’m a GIRL, a WOMAN!



    1. Thank you Poonam:)
      Yes, there are people who will always bring us down. So, let’s not forget to remind us our true identity time and again.


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