Go Goa

Whether it is a solo traveler exploring the places, a pair of romantic souls weaving their love, or an aged couple on a break, Goa pulls everyone by its gravitational force towards itself. Whether one wants to have some time in peace or to celebrate some special day or to throw a rocking party, it is an ideal destination. You can always find Goa in everyone’s travel list, whether she/he is a wanderer or once-in-a-blue-moon traveler. The blue waters of the sea, the limitless horizon, the never-ending beaches of Goa will definitely attract you time and again. 20170614_113249-COLLAGEI too love it deeply and often get magnetized by its beauty; may be because I have a strong affinity towards sea, a close bonding with its cool and calm breeze or a nostalgia for the sounds of the waves. If you also feel the same and haven’t been to Goa yet, then what are you waiting for! Just pack up and have a blast.

This time we planned a vacation for 4 days with one of our family friends in the month of August 2016. First 2 days, we booked a resort in North Goa known as Riva(Mandrem Beach) and the next 2 days in The Ramada(Varca Beach), located in the South Goa.

I would recommend all to must have a stay in Riva at least once. The best part of the property is its location; which is just picture-perfect. The elegant cottage has a breath-taking sight of the ocean. One would immediately fall in love with its splendid view. 20170614_111148-COLLAGELength aside, it has garnered fame because of its clean and wide private beach, which would provide you enough time to unwind yourself. It will give you a break from the monotonous daily life and would uplift your emotions. So, we opted to spend most of the time in the resort itself rather moving around the city. The alluring vast sea, the private stretched and lonely beaches, the smooth sand under the feet, the whispering breeze, the giant roaring waves, the untold story hidden within the shells, the crimson sunset, the golden sunrise will surely make you gasp at its incredibility. 20170614_113129-COLLAGEIt is a wonderful experience to just sit silently on the sea-shore, gazing at a distance and counting the timeless waves. We had a great time dancing along with the enormous waves. When the waves kisses your sun-burnt skin, a new life germinates within you; full of energy and enthusiasm. You will be swept away to some far-away dreamland with every rise and fall of the tides. It was quite relaxing and pleasing.

Post 2 days, we moved to The Ramada Resort. It has a huge property and provides a world-class service and luxurious rooms. It has all the possible amenities within its premises.20170614_112616-COLLAGE You can have a panoramic view of the wide spread property from the balcony. Besides the pristine sea with its extensive private shoreline, the swimming pool is the main attraction. You can have an amazing time playing in the blue waters of the ocean or have a gala time in the azure blue waters of the pool. 20170615_210744-COLLAGEIt has its own golf field, where you can indulge yourself in this royal game for some time. So, take out some time of your busy schedule and immerse yourself in its glory.

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    1. Kids do love beaches. You can have a great time there with your entire family this time. And the resorts are amazing. Let me know if you need any other details.


  1. Lovely post Samarpita. I being a traveler cannot miss this post and that too a post on GOA, my favorite travel destination. Nice post with very pretty pictures. Keep you travel spirit going.

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