Coorg – The Scotland of India

Coorg – The city surrounded with majestic hills and rich coffee plantations welcomes you throughout the year. It has been rightly remarked as Scotland of India because of its mountainous, misty and cool surroundings . The best season to visit Coorg is October – Mid February. If you want to give yourself a rainy treat and drench in its luxury, you can pay a visit in monsoon also. As the summer is also at its peak here, avoid planning during summers. We planned our vacation for the last week of February 2016. The temperature was high, so we preferred to stay in our resort ‘Amanvana’ itself, except a visit to Dubare Elephant Camp, where we crossed the cool waters of the river Kaveri bare footed and had enough fun feeding and bathing the elephants.DSC_201820170606_123505-COLLAGE

A rabbit hole for the soul’ – the logo of Amanvana drives your attention as soon as you enter the resort located on the banks of river Kaveri. It truly deserves the above theme and I bet this mesmerizing location will drive you nuts. Once you discover the elucidating beauty of the resort, the serene nature, the mysterious and magical river, the calm and peaceful wind, the eye soothing greenery, the wild and vast jungle, the chirping of several migratory birds, you will really feel like ‘Alice lost into the wonderland’.

The bungalow is quite spacious with living room provided with futon and bedroom with closets. IMG_20170523_063324_315.jpgThe skylight washroom is the cynosure of the bungalow. Experience a heavenly feeling as you spend time stargazing in it and drape yourself with the moonlight. It has a courtyard of its own with a pond with lively lotuses in it. Lotus itself is a symbol of purity, resurrection and endurance. So, don’t forget to take a sun bath and soak in its divinity.20170606_122510-COLLAGE

The best part was the banks of revered river Kaveri amidst the dense woods. You should spend some time in the placidity and divinity of the river Kaveri. 20170606_121836-COLLAGEThere’s a bridge connecting the main resort over the waters to the forest. It’s a pure bliss spending time over the bridge, watching the deep forests, hearing just the melodies of the birds, the lullaby of the wind, the fluttering of the butterflies and the glowing fireflies at night.20170606_122011-COLLAGE It’s magical and ecstatic. It gives you an inner peace, immense pleasure and relaxes your mind and soul. It takes you to an enchanting dreamland. It gives you time to pause and ponder and think about the real you and your life. It provides you an opportunity to reconnect with your soul. You will definitely savor this experience for the entire life time. Come and become Alice whenever a chance given, and lose yourself to rediscover and rejuvenate yourself in this wonderland.



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