Kerala – The God’s own Country

It’s been truly said that Kerala is a gateway for heaven. We started our journey from Pune to Kochi by flight on 23rd April 2011, then moved to Kumarakam by our pre-hired cab. We were greeted with nicely decorated coconut waters and few snacks. The lunch was a proper Kerala meals, which was served in a very simple and homely manner, and quiet delicious.

20170603_181718-COLLAGEThe boathouse ride for the entire day on the backwaters of kumarakam was just divine. The calmness in the air, the clean and clear waters, the seamless sky above will make your heart pound a bit and you can feel the rhythms of your own heart beat. 20170603_181845-COLLAGEWe had a leisure walk exploring the village besides the bank of the river and had raw mangoes offered by the plain villagers. In the morning, we visited a church located on the opposite side of the village, and headed back to the place where we started from.

Next day, we moved towards Thekkedy. The journey seems to be more appealing than the destination. IMG-20170603-WA0012We received a grand welcome with garlands and aarti in the resort. Never had such an experience before. The resort has all the amenities, the staff were very friendly and the bungalow location would give you ample privacy. How can one forget the April rain that kissed your sun burnt skin in Thekkedy. The rain dance amidst the forests with no one around was just awesome. 20170603_190613-COLLAGEEarly morning, we paid a visit to Periyar Tiger Reserve. Though we were not lucky enough to have a sight of the tiger, but filled our hearts with the soothing beauty of the lake, its crystal clear water and the picture-perfect nature.20170603_183606-COLLAGE The elephant ride in the wild forests was worth experiencing.IMG-20170603-WA0036

The next destination was Munnar. On our journey to Munnar, we came across a board saying ”As Close To Heaven As It Gets”, and there was no doubt in that. IMG-20170603-WA0028We have never experienced such beauty before. No words can describe it’s serenity.20170603_190648-COLLAGE The picturesque view towards uphill, the magnificent mountains standing on both sides, the eye soothing greenery everywhere, the spectacular waterfalls20170603_183752-COLLAGEand the earth touching clouds all around, will take your breath away for sure and leave you spellbound. There is something magical in that moment when you can touch the heavenly clouds with your hands and lose yourself in the vicinity of it. You will definitely feel that moment to never end and stay there for a life time. The more we moved ahead, the vision become blurred. The only thing you can see, touch and feel is clouds, clouds and clouds.20170603_185115-COLLAGE Finally, we reached the resort. Though it was quite isolated and seems to be haunted, but would provide you utmost privacy. 20170603_183955-COLLAGEThe pool view was amazing. We had our first spa in this resort. It was quite relaxing and distressing. IMG-20170603-WA0027In the morning, we went for a tour to one of the spice gardens. Being in Kerala, how can one miss the aroma of spices! It was so refreshing. 20170603_181219-COLLAGEThen, we moved further exploring the hill famous for Reindeers. The view from there was indeed marvellous. You would like to savor that moment for your entire life.

The last place in the itinerary was Kochi. We were damn tired. So, we decided to stay in the resort itself. Moreover the resort itself was such an attraction that no one would want to spend their day out. 20170603_184618-COLLAGEStarting from the magnificent entrance to the alluring rooms, elegant pool connected to the pleasing backwaters and further connected to the radiant sea, it was just bewitching.20170603_184449-COLLAGE At night, we had our first ravishing candle light dinner.

In the morning, we packed our luggage, conveyed our sincere thanks to the cab driver for his hospitality and genuineness, and returned back to our home Pune. I still cherish those days filled with abundant beauty and heavenly treasure. Once in a life time you should visit Kerala and engross yourself in its breath-taking views.



  1. Your travelogue sounds like an advertisement for God’s Own Country and makes one want to experience the same. I too have written two travel blog posts on Kerala and have enjoyed travelling around. All the best for your future posts as well.
    #DeepTiesReads #MyFriendAlexa

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  2. your blog brought back the memories of our trip to Kerala some two years back. we covered the same places as u did. I could not agree agree more when u say that once in a lifetime one should visit Kerala.

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  3. Your post took me back to Kerela. I visited it some 10 years ago. I’ve been to kochi, munnar, thekkady and kumarakom. It is indeed Goods own country and I hope and pray that it gets back on its feet soon. Prayers for Kerela.

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  4. I was in Kerala for 3 years and your post took me down to memory lane. I can well relate to all places you mentioned. In fact this profile pic was also taken in Kerala (Athirapally Waterfalls) 🙂

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  5. The disaster Kerela is facing is hitting harder after reading your post about its peace & beauty. Hopefully, it’ll recover quickly & I’ll get to visit soon.

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  6. You have took me a virtual tour of Kerala -=God’s own country. Great shots and beautiful views. My mom’s birthday place is Trivandrum. So my childhood memories were made sweet by travels to Kerala. And it’s my favorite state.

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