You are enough!

Hey, a very good morning beauties! Today I’m going to introduce yourself with you. You are the most beautiful creature of this entire world. So, take a deep breath and let’s start on this jolly ride.


It’s natural human tendency that whenever we feel lonely, stressed, confused; we just want someone to come and hold our hands and say “Honey, I’m there for you always. You will always find me beside you in your good as well bad times. Nothing is gonna happen to you sweetie. I’ll always take care of you and love you no matter what happens”. But when the reality comes , ‘Alas!’. You won’t find anyone in miles also. Where does the picture perfect guy vanishes off (in the thin air)? What about the heart-full promises? Everything seems to be a crap and we feel like we are caught in a trap. Do you know where the problem really lies? The problem is with you. Your expectation that someone will come on that white horse, tuk-tuk,tuk-tuk,tuk-tuk,tuk-tuk and will just carry you off, rescue you from all your troubles and problems; and distress and heal you with his never-ending love. All the melodrama starts here, right here, where you let your mind wander off to a distant romantic island, full of fantasies.

So, hey girl, just wake up and listen to your heartbeat. It’s still beating because of your own heart; not because of someone’s else. You are all alive by yourself. You are a magic my dear. You are a miracle lovely, whether you believe it or not. You are enough; just enough, to sustain this life by your own. No one is gonna come and dispel a magical wand and solve all your issues. You have to become your own saviour. You have to stand for yourself honey. You are damn smart, beautiful enough. You are charming and gorgeous enough that hundreds of boys can fall down for your one smile. You are strong enough to take your own decisions. You are bold enough to venture into the wild by your own. You are just enough, my friend. So, next time, whenever you are down, stressed, just know this fact; you are the only one who can get yourself back on your toes; no one else. And in this journey of yours, I’ll always want you to grow more, achieve more and believe more on yourself.

Love you sweetie with all my heart:)



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